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‘A visit from Santo and Kellea can make such a big difference to a person’s day, breaking up the monotony of staying indoors and creating a focus that is beyond any pain or upset that a client might feel’ Louise



Share joyful moments with one of our therapy dogs

No matter the patient, the illness or the circumstances therapy dogs bring happiness and light to all they meet. Our dogs have a wonderful ability to sense just what a patient/resident needs and as their experienced therapy dog handler, Louise will modify a visit to suit your needs, capabilities and desires.

A visit can include:

  • Meeting and greeting patients/residents
  • Taking the dogs for a walk
  • Meeting at a park
  • Patting and stroking
  • Quiet time to relax and cuddle the dogs
  • Playing ball
  • Teaching them a trick
  • Watching Louise and the dogs perform tricks

Prices start from $80 +gst for 1 hour*

*Please enquire for more details



The benefits of dog therapy in your workplace

A qualified handler (with Public Liability Insurance) will visit your workplace with one of our trained therapy dogs.

Just some of the benefits of a visit by 4 Paws on the Floor include:

  • reducing stress
  • encouraging team bonding
  • boosting morale
  • creating a unique and memorable shared event

Sessions are modified to your environment and can include:

  • Patting, stroking and belly tickling
  • Tricks and ball games
  • Personal desk-to-desk visits

Prices from $225 +gst per hour * **

Starting price for local business of 30 people and below.

*Please enquire about prices for larger organisations of 30+ people.

**Wheelchair accessibility is required



Therapy Dogs in your home

The team at 4 Paws On The Floor love home visits. Our therapy dogs are trained to lovingly interact with people of all circumstances and abilities. In fact, we often find that the dogs intuitively understand how to approach and interact with clients.  Led by Louise, each home visit is tailored to meet a client’s requirements, abilities and health.

A visit can include:

  • Backyard off-leash play
  • Taking the dogs out for a walk
  • Meeting at a park
  • Patting and stroking
  • Quiet time to relax and cuddle the dogs
  • Playing ball
  • Teaching them a trick
  • Watching Louise and the dogs perform tricks

Prices start from $80 +gst for 1 hour

NDIS Participants Welcome



Louise is a qualified and registered instructor offering 1hr one-on-one sessions that are adapted to you and your dog. No dog too young, old or stubborn!

  • Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages
  • Basic obedience skills
  • Lead work
  • Anxiety issues
  • Teaching tricks  
  • Crate training
  • Recall
  • Good manners – putting a stop to  jumping, barking and begging
  • Gap training – to keep on top of good behaviour learnt at puppy school (useful during holidays and breaks)
  • Specialised work for rescue dogs (see below)

Price of 1hr training is $80 +gst

“Louise came to do some work with me and my fur babies Jimi who is a Shar’pei cross and Gertie my wee Staffy prior to her surgery for an ACL repair. It was all about being calm. Louise taught us the bucket game which takes focus and concentration, I do this in the car with Jimi as he tends to get over-excited. For Gertie it was more about getting her prepped for surgery and learning to be calm in her crate, going to the toilet on lead and not feeling anxious when I lift her. Louise has done two sessions with us now and came to spend time with Gertie after her surgery so that I could go and spend time with Jimi and not worry about her. Louise has taught us so much and has a real talent for reading animal behaviour. She is an amazing lady, patient and kind. She has made all the difference to us and I can’t recommend her more highly. She is outstanding.” – Julie



Louise is lucky to work with many wonderful clients who have selflessly rescued a pet from a shelter or pound and decided to give them a new start in life. Many of these dogs may never have had any formal training or learnt social skills.

Louise’s sessions help new owners and their beautiful animals to form a strong and lasting human-canine bond. Louise can help you to achieve a level of obedience to suit your needs and to have a well balanced family home:


  • Excessive barking
  • Loose leash and off-leash walking
  • Managing car journeys
  • Handling new situations – using a pool, getting the dog into a car
  • Teaching good manners
  • Recall work
  • Helping shy/timid dogs
  • Building a bond between a dog and its new family


As a qualified dog obedience trainer and dog lover, Louise will walk your pet in a variety of places, depending on location and weather.

Time spent together will include:

  • Walks
  • Playtime
  • Treats
  • Water
  • Options to go out locally or on excursions to the beach or parks

$35 per hour

Please enquire for further details and to discuss walking two or more dogs (Louise will assess how well dogs will interact with others)

4 Paws on the Floor is a NDIS Registered Provider


Our therapy dogs





Bring therapy dog happiness and stress relief to your life.