4 Paws on the floor


What happens in a therapy session?

Experience has taught us that no two clients are the same. That’s why 4 Paws On The Floor tailors visits to meet the specific needs of the individual or group.

In an office scenario, we might tour the office and involve staff in mini-play sessions – just long enough to provide a well-earned break.

Home and hospital visits are matched to the client’s needs, abilities and how they are feeling on that particular day. A visit could include playing peekaboo (one of Kellea’s favourite games) or chasing a ball. However, all our dogs are just as happy to be tickled on the belly and cuddle up with their client.

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Would you like a therapy dog to reduce your stress levels?

Our dogs, Santo, Kellea and Oreo, are experienced and qualified therapy dogs and love nothing more than paying visits to:

  • Corporate offices
  • Home Wellbeing
  • Hospitals
  • Care centres
  • Aged care support
  • Palliative care
  • Mental health facilities
  • Dementia wards

Assisted by their human friend and trainer Louise, Santo, Kellea and Oreo are trained to interact with people in ways that will make you smile, help you forget your worries, be fun, educational and heartwarming.  

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How can therapy dogs help?

The human-canine bond is unique in that it delivers so many emotional, physical and mental benefits.

Even a few minutes in the company of therapy dogs can:

  • Give unlimited joy
  • Boost physical and mental health
  • Relieve stress, anxiety and depression
  • Make you feel calmer and happier
  • Help you to forget your worries
  • Help you to bond with the animal and those around you

What is a visit really like?

By L. Ford, Clinical Psychologist

Louise and Santo have been coming to the hospital mental health ward where I work for years, so I have seen the benefits of this therapeutic activity firsthand. Coming into hospital can be a stressful experience for many people. Because so many Australians have dogs as a part of their family, having the opportunity to spend time with a therapy dog in the hospital environment can make patients feel more at home and more comfortable in a foreign environment. 

Other benefits that I’ve noticed include:

  • Calming those who are distressed (and Santo seems to know who needs the comforting!).
  • Providing an enjoyable activity to promote discussion and interaction, especially for those who are finding this difficult in hospital.
  • Lifting mood and promoting laughter. 

These benefits are for patients and staff members! I have walked with Louise around the hospital, and she is stopped every few steps by passing staff members who wish to say hello to Santo. People seem to light up when they see Santo coming.

Louise is passionate about pet therapy and goes out of her way to make the people she works with comfortable. You can tell that this is something that she loves and is much more than a job. She is very engaging, compassionate, and caring towards the patients (and staff) that she encounters. I would definitely recommend the service and believe the service would be beneficial in a range of environments, including health, corporate, school/university, and sporting.

About our Dogs

Non-shedding – suitable even for those with allergies

Gentle and obedient

Experienced and trained therapy dogs who interact positively and intuitively with people with mental, physical and behavioural conditions.

Will allow you to stroke, play and cuddle but are also happy to just sit by your side and keep you company.

Guided by their qualified trainer who will tailor each visit to meet the client’s needs.

other Services

More than therapy

Dog training classes

By a registered and qualified instructor

Dog walking

Care for your pets from a qualified and registered carer, while you’re at work or away from home.

"Santo and Kellea are the most cared for pets you could ever hope to ever meet! As their vet, I always find them to be immaculately groomed, well behaved, very friendly and with wonderful temperaments. Seeing them always brightens our day."

Dr Heyn de Kock, VetLove Helensvale

"Both dogs are in excellent health. To ensure that they are healthy and fit to see patients (particularly those with immune system issues) the dogs undergo yearly blood screening, quarterly tests. They are also on the best parasite preventative program available. "

Dr Heyn de Kock, VetLove Helensvale


Bring therapy dog happiness and stress relief to your life.