4 Paws on the floor


‘I often find that my dogs are better than us humans at understanding what a client needs and wants. ’ Louise

4 Paws On The Floor is headed by owner and trainer, Louise, and joined by the therapy team of Santo, Kellea and Oreo. Experienced and qualified in dog therapy, our therapy team would love to meet you. But first, let us introduce you…  



Breed: Mini Groodle (Poodle X Golden Retriever)

Weight: 12.5kg

Sex: Male

Personality: Clever, perceptive and loves to perform tricks

Favourite game: Chasing the ball, jumping on his back legs and tricks

Favourite place: Anywhere there’s a picnic and the beach


Santo is a non-shedding dog (thanks to the Poodle in his cross-breeding), this means that he is suitable even for those who are usually allergic to dogs.  

Awards: Santo has been working with the public since 2014 and won the Delta Society’s Team Excellence Award in 2016.



Breed: Standard Labradoodle (Poodle X Labrador)

Weight: 20.5kg

Sex: Male

Personality: playful and as gentle as a lamb

Favourite game: Peekaboo or stealing Santo’s toys (much to Santo’s annoyance)

Favourite place: Anywhere with friends and family and the beach

Funny fact: Kellea sleeps in the strangest of places – just ask Louise!


Kellea is also non-shedding with a coat that is more like a fleece which means he is suitable for people who are otherwise allergic to dogs.




Breed: Medium Labradoodle (Poodle X Labrador)

Weight: 17kg

Sex: Male

Personality: Gentle, inquisitive, cheeky and fun-loving

Favourite game: Everything – for Oreo life is one big adventure

Favourite place: Garden, beach, playing with his toys, wherever he wants to be (which isn’t always where Louise wants to be!)


Oreo is a non-shedding dog (thanks to the Poodle in his cross-breeding), this means that he is suitable even for those who are usually allergic to dogs.




Louise is the proud owner and trainer of Santo and Kellea and has worked with a number of organisations including Pets for Therapy Gold Coast and The Delta Society. As an experienced therapy dog handler Louise has regularly visited:

  • Robina Hospital
  • Bupa Aged Care
  • Spendlove Private Hospital’s Pain Centre of Excellence

Louise is also a Qualified Dog Obedience Instructor  (GCDOC). She prides herself on working closely with owners and their pets to fully understand their unique needs and issues as well as the dynamics of the family and pet.

Louise teaches pet owners to enjoy training so that their hard work continues at home and in public. An obedient dog makes for a happy dog and owner. Training is a communication tool which reinforces the special bond between animal and human.  Louise fits her training around people’s schedule and offers flexible hours that extend beyond the regular 9am – 5pm.



Bring therapy dog happiness and stress relief to your life.